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[MOL] light deprivation

Kathy,  I and several family members all suffer from seasonal depression
(it's part of why my son moved to San Diego). I got my boss to install
"full spectrum" light bulbs at work, and I think it has helped quite a
bit. they are increasingly available, though you may have to check
around. You could probably find a source on the net. Love, Joicy

kcorrigan@chgw.com wrote:
> I've been feeling it, too.  Pretty soon I'll be going to work in the
> dark and coming home in the dark -- as will everyone else.  It's hard
> to get used to.  I was home sick most of last winter, and our light
> bill was incredible!  I'd turn on every light in the house!  It did
> help.  My mother got one of those light things to combat Sun
> Deprivation Syndrome.  She says it works.  Kathy in Boise
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