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[MOL] Introduction

Hi all,
My name is Chris.  I was referred to this group mailing by a friend, Kathy K.
who I see writes quite often.  She is an angel who has helped me considerably
to work through the first stages of my Dad's cancer.

He was diagnosed on Aug. 24th with non-small cell squamous cell carcinoma in
the left lung.  We later learned (during surgery because none of his doctors
had throroughly examined his month old x-ray or took a fresh one) that there
were also new smaller growths in the right lung and in some of the lower
nodes. While my Dad was still under sedation, the surgeon removed the new
growths instead of the extensive surgery we all had anticipated to remove part
or all of his left lung. The growth in that lung was the size of a small plum
and it located toward the bottom of his lung.  We were still assured (at the
time) that because the cancer was the slowest-growing type that he had an
excellent chance of living 5-6 years with radiations and further surgery. The
surgeon agreed at the time that radiation is more effective than chemo for
non-small cell cancer.  [Incidentally, we hadn't anticipated any of this
before 2 weeks before this surgery, he'd had a bronchioscope and it revealed
no cancer!  But immediately after that, he lost his voice!  Drs. say it has
nothing to do with scope -- tumor presses on the nerve?????] My father awoke
and was alone for TWO HOURS until someone could finally explain why his right
side hurt instead of his left!!!!  Before he had an explanation, his priest
walked in at the same time we did to do "Annointing of the Sick" (to someone
75 yrs old - that's LAST RITES.)  He must have been in absolute terror for
more than 2 HOURS thinking that they had mistakenly removed his only good
lung! Then the following day, his pain meds ran out and he had wait for
SEVERAL HOURS until they brought him more.

He then was scheduled for scans: bone, brain, and abdomen (at the wrong
hospital, of course!)  But thank God, they all came out clean.

Now for some reason, they claim because the cancer spread (which we already
knew on Sept 30) they are using only chemo and not radiation.  My father is 75
years old and radiation would be easier for him and it is extremely effective
on his type of cancer - than chemo is.  The opposite would be true for small-
cell cancer!  The Dr. admitted to my sister (on the phone) that the large
tumor will grow and eventually attach itself to the ribs and walls of the
lung...great!  That's because chemo isn't EFFECTIVE!!!!

To make matters worse, my father will not hear any of this or get a 2nd
opinion.  I gathered together all the prayers that came in to me from the
various prayer groups I joined.  I also printed out special prayers to the
Saints (novenas) and added a letter of love and support from me.  I dedicated
all this work to my mother, who died at the age of 43 in 1974.  He hasn't even
looked at it!

Well that's it folks!  Gives you an idea who am I, what I'm about, and what's
going on in my life.  I am 46 years old. I live in Pa with my grown son, who I
raised alone after my divorce when he was 4 yrs old.  He is now in college (at
25 years old!) and living off the "fat of my land" -- i.e. I AM supporting
him!  I'm sure you can sense how angry and outraged I am, but believe it or
not, I haven't lost my faith or my sense of humor.  It's just that my father
is the one who always taught me, "God helps those who help themselves."  Well,
how can I ask God for miracles when my father won't even get a 2nd opinion?
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