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[MOL] A Rememberance of Ron

My Dear Carla,

You have brought me to tears this morning in your rememberance of Ron.  
It is not coincidental that I was just discussing Ron this morning in 
a telephone conversation with his dear friend and companion, Chea.  This 
past Sunday was all Saints Day and I truly believe that Ron is a saint 
and with God.  I thank you for that wonderful recollection of our dear 
friend and family member.  Ron will indeed always hold a very special 
place in the hearts of all of those he touched...it was like being 
touched by the hand of God.

God Bless our Ron and may he grant a part of his wonderful spirit and 
strength to all those in need.


ken naehring wrote:
Greg, we once had a wonderful friend who was a member of this mol-forum
whose name was Ron.  Ron had the gift of sharing with us the beauty of 
life in all that he did.  When he was so terribly ill with his Leukemia 
and had trouble making it to the doctors, Ron still found the beauty of 
life all around him.  You may want to go to the mol-forum and read some 
of his posts...  He truly could take a dreary, drizzly day and turn it 
into a magnificent journey...  That is because Ron lived his life taking 
in the beauty that most of us fail to see.
I still miss Ron so very much..  He was a good friend and a true blessing 
to me.  Because of Ron, I understand what you are saying here about the 
beauty of flowers, the magic of music and the wonders of our everyday 
world..  I'll tell you something else that Ron knew; that if you are 
really wise then you will experience all that is in everything that you 
do.  Ron could share the flowers, their exquisite beauty and aroma.  If 
anyone could paint a picture with words, then Ron was truly blessed with 
that ability... 
Ron is in heaven now and we have several others who have joined him.  The
moral of this story is not that Ron died, but that he lived fully and 
helped to share his life with all of us.  I have never been to NY city, 
but I went there often with Ron.  He taught me that there is life in 
sharing and giving to others and Ron lived a full life by those beliefs..
Thank you for bringing my friend Ron to my mind and I hope that you will 
go to the archives and meet my friend....  God Bless you, Carla
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