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RE: [MOL] I'm Fine

Title: RE: [MOL] I'm Fine

Les:  Thanks for the wonderful news.  My oncologist has been recommending brain radiation for me as a preventive measure, because apparently, small cell lung cancer "likes" to spread to the brain!  She gave me the odds of this happening, but I can't remember what they were -- twenty percent sort of sticks in my mind.  She told me, though, that if I did this there was a small chance of brain damage and a good chance that I'd never get my hair back.  So far, I haven't done this, but I may have to make a decision soon.  My feeling is that if it spreads, I'll deal with it; otherwise, I won't upset the status guo.  I could be making a foolish decision -- I just don't know.  -- Kathy in Boise