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[MOL] Nanc, Suzanne, and the 50's club!

Hey there guys!...We are not "old", we simply have the distinct advantage 
to be fifty and to remember the joys of being a tender teen in the 50's 
and to witness the birth of Rock & Roll!...not to mention that we caused 
the creation of that famous phrase "TURN THAT NOISE DOWN!!!"  Now what 
other generation has a claim to fame like that?!
God Bless 50!

NLPOST@aol.com wrote:
> Hey now, Suzanne,
> I was 59 years old in Sept. and I don't think I'm old, my body might but my
> mind doesn't.  What's with it, you all are telling your age and months, what
> about the Days, pleaseeeeeee give up the dates for my records, OK?  Mam, you
> are just a baby, love you all.  Last names, phone numbers, and snell mail
> address's would be wonderful, you can send them to my e-mail address, or snail
> mail address.
> Nancy L. Postema
> P.O. Box 5088
> North Muskegon, MI  49445
> I'm trying to get on top of this MOL Album before I get started with it.
> Pleaseeeee!!!!
> (((HUGS))) and xxxxxx,
> Nanc
> In a message dated 11/2/98 9:31:53 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> suzanne1@erols.com writes:
> << MAM!
>  32 is not old.  Now 52 (which I will turn in December) is very old! :)
> heheheh
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