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[MOL] November 1st All Saints Day & FAITH

Dear PJ (from JP :+)

Thanks for that prayer to St. Jude.  Being the patron Saint of hopless 
cases, I had adopted him as my patron saint, and indeed did so at my 
parents urging many years ago when I was a child...even had a small 
carved statue of him!  My other favorite saint is Francis of Assisi ... 
especially since I attended St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York!  
Due to my fortunate meeting with Larry Baran, I have been granted many 
blessings from St. Terresa and love the statue that Larry gave to me in 

The significance of All Saints Day is not so much honoring all the Saints 
that have been so recognized by the Chruch as it is those Saints who, 
through their Christ-like lives, are in heaven with Abba (God our Father 
or "Daddy") and who have no recognized day of celebration.  I believe my 
Mother (who adored our BVM) and my Father (who had a special devotion to 
the Sacred Heart of Jesus) are among those Saints in heaven with ABBA 
along with their son, my brother who died when only weeks old...certainly 
too young to have been ensnared by Saten.

I have found that many people are unwilling or too "embaressed" to 
acknowledge the importance of religion in their lives.  They even blame 
God for their fate and are traped in being victums.  I thank God for 
reigniting my faith and leading me back to the religious beliefs of my 
childhood.  It is there that I have found enormous peace and comfort and 
a true sense of purpose.  I can't conceive of going forward in this life, 
after having experienced cancer, without the purpose and direction I have 
gotten from the Holy Spirit.  It has flowed from the love and caring of 
all the people who have been blessed by God on this mol-cancer support 
group.  It has been each of you who have guided me back to that safe 
place of my childhood faith...and each of you have been touched by the 
loving hand of God.

So, on All Saints Day, as I spent time reflecting during Mass, I thought 
of and prayed for each of you.  Some I know very well, others just in 
passing and a few hardly at all.  Yet each of you has touched me and 
become an important part of my journey and purpose.  I thanked Abba for 
having allowed you to enter my life and for having granted me the open 
mind necessay to benefit from your presence.

God Bless you all and may we all go forward on our journey with the 
blessings of faith.


PSerritell@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> November 1st is All Saints Day.  If anyone has a favorite saint and a prayer
> for that saint I would love to read it.   For right now St. Jude comes to mind
> for me so I would like to share mine with you.  May St. Jude and all the
> saints of heaven grant you the wishes you have for health and happiness.
> Love PJ
> This first prayer is a Novena that you say for 9 times a day for 9 days and
> then you promise to publish it.  But I just want you to know it just in case
> you need St. Jude.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> NOVENA to St Jude, May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved &
> preserved thruout the world now and forver.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for
> us. St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us, St Jude, helper of the
> hopeless, pray for us.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is a Prayer to St. Jude
> O glorious Apostle, St. Jude Thaddeus
> true relative of Jesus and Mary,
> I salute you through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
> Through this Heart
> I praise and thank God
> for all the graces He has bestowed upon you.
> Humbly prostrate before you
> I implore you through this heart
> to look down upon me with compassion
> O, despise not my poor prayer,
> let not my trust be confounded.
> To you God has granted the privilege of aiding mankind
> in the most desperate cases. Oh, come to my aid
> that I may praise the mercis of God.
> All my life I will be grateful to you
> and will be your faithful client
> until I can thank you in Heaven.
> Amen.
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