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Re: [MOL] Could you make it in 5 Mam?

Mam:  Forget the vegemite and bring walkers if it's going to take you 10
year's !  I believe each and every moler is a gift and brings with them
their own uniqueness, information, history; etc. and that is why this line
is so good.  It is the taking of each talents that brings this to an A + 1
forum.  When I was in Management, I never forgot that I was only as good as
those under me, it takes a team effort and this is one great team that
needs no manager!  Meanwhile, I was sorry you had to work on your son's
birthday, itsn't that a bummer?  I am becoming a real sleepy head here and
my strength is rapidly building up.  Carla will need to hurry on back and
show me all the excitement in this life before I get bored here!  I called
on my disability and the man is off for the week.  I hope and pray I get it
really soon, like yesterday.  This bit of being poor ain't no fun!  Take
care pal, love ya, lillian

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