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Re: [MOL] to everybody/ back to you Greg/MOL information Pleaseeeeee

Hey now, Suzanne,
I was 59 years old in Sept. and I don't think I'm old, my body might but my
mind doesn't.  What's with it, you all are telling your age and months, what
about the Days, pleaseeeeeee give up the dates for my records, OK?  Mam, you
are just a baby, love you all.  Last names, phone numbers, and snell mail
address's would be wonderful, you can send them to my e-mail address, or snail
mail address.
Nancy L. Postema
P.O. Box 5088
North Muskegon, MI  49445
I'm trying to get on top of this MOL Album before I get started with it.
(((HUGS))) and xxxxxx,
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<< MAM!
 32 is not old.  Now 52 (which I will turn in December) is very old! :)
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