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Re: [MOL] to everybody/ back to you Greg. xoxoxox

Hey!  Greg,
Forgot to ask, what day in Jan?  Do you have a last name and where do you
live?  I keep a master list of the MOL's so if we don't hear from them for
awhile, I contact them by phone or home address, so if you don't mind giving
me that information, I can complete your file.  Also look for a birthday card
in Jan. but I will need a date for that.  I will send you (((HUGS))) every
day, just hang on thight you'll be feeling better soon.  You can be my Son,
OK?  My boy is 37 years in the Airforce stationed in Dover, DE and leaving for
South Korea for a year today, I am sure going to miss him, I am very proud of
him and he feels the same way about his Mother.
Love you,

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<< i really look forward to hearing from you  and everybody., the bestpart of
 day.  how old are you nayway.f you dont mind my asking..i'll be 26 in jan. >>
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