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Re: [MOL] More prayers please

Mam - Wayne,

Oops i hit the send key before I got to the most important part.  The docs
gave our littlest angel - 6 mos.  That was a year ago.  Even those who are
given the bleakest prognosis  have been known to prove the docs wrong.  Please
tell your friends that they should fight this thing with everything they have.
>From the brief description you gave it sounds like their have been
complications, but I really hope and pray they will research and consider more
treatment.  12 is too young for this I know, but kids have an incredible power
to rebound. Tell them not to give up.

Elise is doing so well - and against all odds.  Saturday she went trick-or-
treating.  She's starting to do things that all kids her age are supposed to
be given the opportunity to do. We know the battle isn't over, but these are
days and times she wasn't going to have according to the docs.  Cancer in kids
can be heaven and hell, but it's important to hang in there.  Days like
Saturday were the heaven part.  I would be happy to correspond with your
friends if they would like to share stories.  Please let them know - that
someone in NY, who has watched a similar horror unfold, is thinking and
praying for them.  Please tell them not to give up  - not yet.


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