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Re: [MOL] More prayers please

Hi Mam & Wayne,

I've been part of Mol (usually just a reader - although I've been known to
participate in a debate or two...) since my best friends daughter was
diagnosed with brain cancer last October.  Elise is 2 and has an ependymoma.
Not quite the same as what your friends little girl is going through, but
there are many similarities.  It seems that is usually very difficult to get
the whole tumor.  Did she suffer any side effects from the surgery?  Elise's
parents went through thw whole quality of life issues as well.  It is so
difficult when you are dealing with one so young.  After an unsuccessful
course of chemo - they were given the option of bringing her home or full
brain radiation.  Radiation on children under 3 is not usually recommended
because the brain is not fully developed and can cause brain damage.  They
opted for the radiation, because they knew Elise wasn't giving up, so how
could they? I don't know if radiation is an option for your friend, but they
may want to explore it.  Also - they may want to research shark cartilage.  I
do want you to know, that prior to Elise getting sick I never would have even
thought about alternative medicine. But since this whole thing I have done
some research and believe that as long as it is being approached along with
the doctors knowledge, it is definitely something that should be looked into.
There are some reports out there that say shark cartilage is particularly
effective o9n brain tumors.  The first clinical trial here in the states on SC
were on brain tumor and breast cancer patients.  Please e-mail me directly and
I'd be happy to give you more details.
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