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Re: [MOL] Dee here

Yes I would be interested to know what chemo drugs your dad is on. I had
4 treatments of Cisplatin-Interferon-Adrimicin and 5FU for 5 days each
month. The first treatment was very bad. I was nauseated ran a temp and
had blisters in my mouth. Each treatment got a little easier so tell
your dad to hang in there. I had some nausea the first week on Xeloda. I
am in my second week and okay.
Ardmore is just a spit and a jump from my home town Denison Texas.
Weather permitting we usually go to Denison on our way to Houston. 
Did your dad know he had Hepatitis-C?
My Dr. said you can have it and never know it at the time. I have no
liver disease except the cancer. Keep me posted about your dad. He will
be in my prayers.

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