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[MOL] Birds

Dear Jeanne,

Well, I just finished reading Jane Goodall's book, "My Life with the
Cimpanzees."  She comes down very firmly against line breeding for chimps,
so I would probably stand with her and say that I don't think it would be
that good for birds either.

It's funny, when I finished fifth grade, I thought that was it for fifth
grade.  And when I had my son, I thought only that there would be a new
cute and cuddly person in the house.  It never occurred to me that I would
still be writing book reports, but my son had another one of those "woops,
mommy, it's due this Monday, not next Monday."

Aw, kids.  One of us has the other wrapped around a pinky finger, and I'm
pretty sure that I'm the one that's folded.

Lots of Love,

Martha Cerreto       

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