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Re: [MOL] Greg!

Our dear Greg:  Pls. don't shut up.  Your body is talking to you.  I know
how you feel oh so well.  Two year's ago I had total body shut down.  The
day I finaly got into the hospital I had said to the doctor "I think I am
dying"  He replied "no dear I won't let you die".  Well he almost did and I
was so lucky to get a wonderful doctor in the hospital who saved my life. 
So you see, I am living proof that we can come back to this world of our's.
 I now know all the signs of when my body is going downhill on me and what
I have to do to alter this as much as possible.  Death dances with me every
day; but then hey, I used to dance on American Bandstand and we were good
dancers, so I have to be a better dancer than Death and that's what the
mind is all about friend. Keep the mind better than those dark feelings,
shake them off, shoo them away from you....My prayers walk beside you. 
Your friend, lillian  We want to hear you play the piano, how about making
some tapes and share your gift with us?  You don't make us sad, we
understand the process Gregg.

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