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Re: [MOL] I need info, please. For Dee!

Hi De, 
Don was on the resporin Esiac Tea, he wouldn't drink it.  All the research
that I done the original stuff had 4 ingredients, so we were told to try A
Herbal Nurse's Tea, so we did, it was cheaper and now I order the Herbs from
the same place, Chris Corpening is the owner out of California, she is a real
sweetheart and she will answer any questions that you may have.  When Don's
white blood cells were going down so far that he couldn't have his Chemo he
drank up to 10 oz. a day.  His white count went up.  It is supposed to help
with the Immune system, I don't know if it really helped but he thought that
it did.  There is no profit that it will cure small cell lung cancer, but it
might help the immune system.  It's really hard to know what is something that
is real or just money makers to line someone else's pockets, there are so many
money hungry people out there to take advantage of the patients with terminal
health problems, just beware, like out Doctor said, if it sounds to good to be
true, then it probably is.  Also some of the alternatives can also be harmful
to your health.  I myself would rather depend on a really good Doctor that I
trust to put my life in his hands and do what he subjects.  I am afraid of the
alternatives.  But then that is just me.  Most of the time I just listen to my
body, it'll tell you what to eat that will agree with you and it will tell you
when you need to seek help, etc.  If I can help you or if you want the web
site or Chris's address just ask, I'll e-mail it to you.  We're not supposed
to put stuff like that on this Forum.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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 Date:	10/31/98 9:51:21 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Dee Williams)
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 Hi everyone,
 I am curious as to if any of our members using
 Essiac tea have noticed any improvement?
 Please let me know, I am wondering if my dad
 should be taking some other alternative
 medicines along with the chemo and the Essiac...
 If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be
 so grateful if you would let me know :)
 Hope this finds all of you feeling good and that
 you had a good Halloween weekend!
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