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Re: [MOL] re canadians/accents

Title: RE: [MOL] re canadians/accents
   Gail:  I'm on the computer at home.  It chugs and makes weird noises and if you move wrong, your message is gone!  Anyway, glad you're in the northwest.  I'm looking forward to our meeting very much.  -- Love, Kathy
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Date: Saturday, October 31, 1998 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] re canadians/accents

Hi Kathy,
I moved to San Diego in 1977.  I was tired of being cold and not making any money.  We moved up here in 1994 because my husband took a job up here.
He was sick of working in the desert.  He is a land surveyor and he battled rattle snakes and non malignant skin lesions from the sun and was sick of it and besides that the building industry was in a slump for about 3 years and he was not making enough money.. Then I got sick.
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Date: Friday, October 30, 1998 8:34 AM
Subject: RE: [MOL] re canadians/accents

Gail:  My parents called it a davenport, too.  I call it a sofa -- don't know why.  My husband calls it a couch.  I think I know what a clam fritter is, but not sure.  It sounds good, though.  My mother-in-law calls her purse her pocketbook.  How did you end up all the way out here?!!  I've been to New York, but never to Boston.  I loved New York -- it was so exciting.  I almost broke my neck walking around looking up at the tall buildings all the time.  I'm sure no one knew I was a tourist!  -- Kathy in Boise