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Dear Kathy,
    My 4 year old grand daughter says she "duckied"  I think that's cute too.  I wonder if there's anything she says that I wouldn't think is cute??  My daughter had her mastectomy the end of Aug.  Before the surgery the social worker in the Breast Clinic talked to her about preparing my grand daughter & explaining the surgery etc. so she would somewhat understand what was happening.  Because my daughter had Pagets Disease of the nipple also she had been sore, then they did the biopsy removing about 1/3 of her nipple, this was done about a week before the surgery.  So Brianna knew that Mommy had an "owie on her booby" & she had to hug gently etc.  So when she gave her Mom a big hug Karla said "B be careful of Mommy's owie".  Brianna replied "When is it going to get better?"  So my daughter thought it was a good opportunity to break the ice.  So she explained in simple terms that it wasn't getting better so the doctor was going to take her booby off & fix it then later on he would put it back on.  (thinking in a few months she would have reconstruction).  3 or 4 weeks after the surgery Karla was fitted for a prosthesis & was dressed in regular fitted clothing (as opposed to loose baggy garments that weren't revealing) & went to pick up Brianna from school.  When she saw her Mom, she leaped out of her seat, ran up to her & said "Mom, the doctor put your booby back on!"  Karla said quietly, "No, B, it's not real" she replied "You have a fake one on???"  The teacher knowing what was happening in her life just laughed with my daughter & patted her.  I thought it was cute, so thought I'd share it with another grandma.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Hugs to you.
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Christine:  My little granddaughter calls a flatulent episode stepping on a duck.  I think that's cute, but of course, I would! -- Kathy