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[MOL] Dee & Cathy Prayers For Your Dad's

Dear Dee & Cathy,
Just a quick note to both of you.  I am behind in my mail, I've had company
this week so I'm trying to play catch up.  I have been thinking about both
of you so much the last couple of days.  I am praying for your Dad's also
but I can relate to what you are going through & I truly sympathize.  Nov. 3
will be the first anniversary of my Mom's death.  This has been a terrible
year for my family.  My Mother was so strong & always there for all of us,
we miss her more than I can explain.  I was so fortunate to have lived close
to my Mom.  We were together almost every day if not together then on the
phone several times a day.  She was my friend, my companion, my Mom.  My 20
year marriage was not exactly made in heaven so she became my confidant, my
traveling partner, my friend.  We were not fortunate enough to have a
correct diagnosis until Sept. 5 so we only knew that she was terminal for
less than 2 months.  Of course it was a traumatic 2 months.  But she stayed
with me & I took care of her just as she would have taken care of me.  My
sisters & my Mom's sisters & brothers were there a lot too.  I treasure the
memories & I thank God every day for allowing me to spend every day with her
during that last couple of months.  It was so difficult at times I felt so
helpless & frustrated but at the same time I knew I was helping her in many
ways & she knew too.  Anyway I don't mean to ramble on but I wanted you to
know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers as well as your fathers.
Take care, Hugs to you both.


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