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Dear June,
    Thank you so much for your info about Tamoxifen.  My daughter knows that should she decide to go on Tamoxifen she should not have more children.  It took them a few years to have the beautiful little girl they have now (she is 4).  Then they tried for a couple of years to have another without any success.  They had already pretty much decided that they would just have the one child.  They had quit trying deciding that they have a nice little family & the longer they wait to have another child the further apart the kids would be, they wanted them close in age to grow up together.  Now they all 3 do pretty much everything together.  They all 3 snow ski, go to the river boating & skiing (this summer Brianna started riding in a tube behind the boat, next summer they think she'll be ready to ski).  So with all that said & done, after talking to several women at her Breast Cancer Group I think she's still leaning toward Tamoxifen.  We'll see after Tuesday she sees the oncologist & has a few questions for him.  I will say that at least this decision is being made with a lot of information under her belt.  She has definitely done her homework.  I print every thing I get on the subject & she has several sources herself.  Thank you so much for your help & for caring.
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Hi Diane:  There was some info on this line this week re: Tamoxifen.  Something about having problems in off spring due to this drug.  I'm sure there are others here that saved the article.  This is just for a quick bit of info.    Your friend     June A.