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Re my new regime - because the Taxol and Navelbine are not working and I'm
getting worse rather than better or even staying the same, yesterday I
began a new regime with two different chemo's.

One week a month I will have a pump with me at all times dispensing
Topetecan. At the end of that week I will take orally 3 times a day a drug
called Atopocide.  (This drug is not shown in my reference book so I need
to do a little homework to find out more about it).

Topetecan has a long list of side effects, though my doctor tells me that
he really doesn't see most of them in his practice.  Hope this is true as
the list of possible side effects is rather long! :)

Along with the other tests I took two weeks ago was the pulmonary function
test.  No wonder I am so exhausted and lose my breath all the time.  I am
right at the borderline where I need oxygen to live.  I am okay when
perfectly still, but my lungs quickly use up any oxygen the moment I exert
myself and my lungs can't replace it fast enough.  I was offered oxygen for
when I moved around, but wouldn't take it.  I hate stuff hanging off me -
rarely wear necklaces or bracelets, for example, and if my body gets
accustomed to the assistance it may not make itself work as hard, if that
makes sense.  

Enough bad news - I am now ready for the good news, please!  heheheh

Thank you for asking, Kathy.


Thank you for asking.

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