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Re: [MOL] More prayers please

Dear Mam and Wayne,

Please tell the childs parents that I am with them in spirit.


At 12:57 AM 10/31/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>There is a little girl here in Aus. in need of a few extra prayers. She is
>12yrs old, and has medulloblastoma. (brain cancer). The child has had
>surgery, but they were not able to get at the tumour itself. They have put
>a shunt in, and are talking about trying chemo. Her parents are trying to
>make the decision (with her) as to whether it is worth trying, or whether
>to go for quality, rather than quantity of life. They are still
>researching, but from what I gather, she is very ill. Please pray that they
>come to the right decision for them, and whatever happens, that it does so
>Thanks guys,
>Mam and Wayne
>PS. These people are friends of Peter (wayne's dad), so I will send any
>responses on to him.

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