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Re: [MOL] I'm Fine

Hi Les,
I have my hang in there angel hanging on my metal lamp post about three foot
from my software and further from my harddrive, I think she'll be OK there.
We are hanging tough with you too, you and Peg will always hald a warm spot in
our hearts, you both are very special, and I'm ready to come back to got out
and eat again.
Love you,

In a message dated 10/30/98 8:31:31 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< You will know that I'm still hanging in there cause I have a "hang in there
 angel" Thanks to Carla and when you see a story or joke from
 it's my way of saying hello and I love all of you.  
 I have not resubscribed back on the MOL yet as for a while it was just to
 for me.  I will visit the archives later.  If you wish to e-mail me please do
 it directly to my address.
 I love you guys and hang tough with me.  Love ;>)  Les
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