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[MOL] Lillian

Lillian, I can't tell you how hard I laughed at the hints on how to prepare
for a mammogram.  I think sometimes that that is exactly how they do one of
those things.
Sure glad that you and Carla had such a wonderful visit.  I'm jealous!
John has a superintendent's meeting next summer in Charleston.  Maybe we
can meet!
What kind of a cat do you have?  We have a gray, one year old, medium
length hair cat named Peanut.  (Because that is about how big he was when
we first saw him.  He now weighs over 10 pounds!)  Any clues on how to keep
him from biting!?!?!?  He never does it hard enough to break the skin.  I
think he thinks he is playing.  John doesn't think so!!
Better get off of here.
((((HUGS))))) Mary Ann

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