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[MOL] I'm Fine

Hi everyone:  I haven't posted any health news lately cause I really didn't
have much to say.  (And I still don't)  I did meet with University of
Cincinnati's cancer center neurology department and they prescribed an MRI to
be taken next week then meet with the Dept's team to discuss options and
prognosis for continued treatment.

They were very upbeat about my braim and the tumors therein.  Actual they
(about 10) are down to one and maybe 2.  I have been feeling better each day
after completing the full head radiation and taking steroids.  

Those steroids can sure increase your appetite and cause a person to gain
weight.  Now, however, I can again fit into some of my old clothes, jeans, T-
shirts etc..

You will know that I'm still hanging in there cause I have a "hang in there
angel" Thanks to Carla and when you see a story or joke from Lesnpeg@aol.com
it's my way of saying hello and I love all of you.  

I have not resubscribed back on the MOL yet as for a while it was just to much
for me.  I will visit the archives later.  If you wish to e-mail me please do
it directly to my address.

I love you guys and hang tough with me.  Love ;>)  Les
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