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[MOL] Jeanne

Ok. Ok., here's my bio.  Married to a great man, had 4 children, 2 girls, 2
boys, then they had children which gives me a total of 7 grandchildren. 
Now if that wasn't enough, there's more my friend.  I have 1 germen
shepard, 1 rockwiller (both females) one g. pig, 1 parakeet and 1
cock-a-too who talks.  My daughter had 4 goats, three killed by roaming
dogs, 1 out of the 2 kids made it and she has become so friendly since she
lost her partners in crime.  One of my son's had a horse; which ofcourse
pet lover mom gave him.  Almost forgot we have 1 cat now who absolutely
adored Carla and guess who is alergic to cats?  Right Carla.  This cat
followed her all around insisting she be petted by Carla, sleeping at
Cala's feet; etc.
TBL friend, lillian
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