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Hi Everyone,

I called my onc today.  It was a rotten day at school because the kids were
doing Halloween stuff all day, so I figured if it was bad news, I would
rather hear it before the weekend.  I just got to talk to my onc's nurse. 
She said that hadn't got a chance to compare the pictures with the ones
from Columbia Preby. in August.  But anyway, she mentioned 2 small
opacities in my right lung and a very small amount of plueral effusion. 
Before I think there were three opacities and what was described as a
moderate amount of plueral effusion.  She made no mention of the opacity on
my rectus muscle, or the lesions I had in August on my manubrium, so
hopefully all that has taken a hike.  She mentioned a small lesion on one
of my verterbrae and a very small one in my left lung.  Those were there in
August.  One thing new she mentioned, is a lesion on one of my hips, which
I'm sure is my right one.  But this doesn't bother me that much.  I have a
hard time believing that it was not there before because my right hip has
bothered me ever so slightly, not enough to go take aspirin for, since last
December when I got my one chemo treatment.

Anyway, I feel somewhat heartened, and will continue in my stance of trying
to be ready for anything until Tuesday, when I meet with my onc at Sloan.

Loving you all muchly,

Martha Cerreto 
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