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RE: [MOL] canadians/kathy in boise, Christine

Title: RE: [MOL] canadians/kathy in boise, Christine

Jeanne:  The kids disappear, too, after they leave home -- thank God!!!  I  have trouble saying "social security" which isn't due to an accent -- I just can't say it.  It comes out shoshial shecurity.  I've only been to Canada once a very long time ago, but I thought it was splendid!  I'd love to go again sometime.  It was 27 degrees here last night, so we're not exactly in the banana belt here.  The trees have been unusually beautiful this year -- I don't know why.  Maybe I've just noticed them more -- that's a definite possibility.  Last year at this time I was having some serious health problems, and although I didn't know what was wrong with me, I sensed that it was something bad.  Didn't count on cancer, though -- I don't think anyone ever does!  This year, I'm just glad to still be here!  Thanks for all your wonderful notes.  -- Kathy in Boise