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Re: [MOL] Hey Mam!

All I can say Mam is that you are a real pip!  You have been such an 
energy force on this web.  I have the deepest respect for deal 
with all that is in front of you with such humor and love speaks 
mountains about the depth of your character and strength.  I always knew 
that you Aussies were a tough lot!

God Bless.

W & M Rose wrote:
> I am afraid the secret about the way our loos flush is out! Oh Dear :(
> I have just realised that all this time, I have been writng things that are
> perfectly natural to me (must be the blonde hair, lol), but would be
> difficult for some of the people on mol to I am including
> some of the more common contracted expressions we use, and their meanings.
> :)
> Here goes:
> betcha (bet you)
> carn! (come on)
> dunno (don't know)
> 'em (them)
> emma chisit? (how much is it?)
> g'day (good day) betcha all knew that one!
> gidday (same as above)
> gimme (give me)
> gonna or gunna (going to)
> gotcha! (got you)
> gotta (got to)
> helluva (hell of a)
> how ya goin mate....orright? (How are you going, mate...all right?)
> on ya! (good on you)
> wanna (want to)
> ya (you)
> That aught ta keep ya's goin for while,
> catch ya later, chin chin, ciao, cop ya later, hooray, hooroo, love ya and
> leave ya, nightie night, see ya, see you in the soup, see you later,
> alligator, so long, tally ho, ta ta, toodle-oo, toodle pip, catchya round
> like a fruitloop, bye!
> Love Mam
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