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[MOL] Attn. all MOL's

Hi everyone,

Last week I asked the group if you would send me a
note of encouragement for my dad.
I think that my e-mail was messed up and some of
you may not have gotten my message.
I need your help, PLEASE!!!

My dad is very depressed and is having trouble
getting his strength back after his first of three

chemo treatments (7days/24hrs.day). I am worried
about him not being strong enough
to take his next chemo (21days after last one). I
think that he would benefit greatly
from hearing from the wonderful people in our
group about the side effects that you
are having (or know someone who is going through
something similar). If he knows that
he is not alone in this fight and what he is
experiencing is not unusual, I know that he would
feel better.

My parents live in a very small town in Oklahoma
that doesn't even have a cancer
support group (I called). My dad was struck by
lighting fifty years ago and lost 100%
of his hearing so this, I am sure makes him feel
even more isolated. My mom is his
caretaker and his family is doing all that we can
do to support them.

If you could just send him a note (in care of me),
his name is Jim. He has primary liver cancer.
if you mention what part of the country you live
in I am sure that he would find this
very interesting. I will print them out and send
them to him.

To those of you who have sent me notes for my dad,
I have sent them to him. Thank
you, once again, from the bottom of my heart. I
will do the same for you, just ask!!!


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