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Re: [MOL] Dr. Rainbow - a self disclosing intro with second feature: THE LTTLE FLOWER!!!!!!!!!

G'day, we got it in Ozland!
Wayne and Mam

From: LarryBaran <>
Subject: [MOL] Dr. Rainbow - a self disclosing intro with second feature:
Date: Friday, 30 October 1998 14:40

Dear Mol'ers
I really do not know if this is appropriate but I have enclosed two
items within this intro. First a fact sheet about the Rose of Hope &
Project ROSEBUDS and related background information about myself and my
dedication to cancer survivorship.

The second part explains my heart or spirituality. IT is a reflection I
lovingly gave a year ago on September 30th, 1997 on the 100th
anniversary of the death of St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus. She
also was made the 2nd woman doctor of the Catholic Church for this

Please understand that I am not trying to convert my belief system onto
anyone of you. I believe it will introduce me iand place me in context
of where I fit in God's Rose Garden we call life. I know that life is
special but now I say to everyone...

"Life is Good but it is such a special gift from God!" and "You cannot
create a RAINBOW for it is a response to life!"

I used to be nicknamed by my special education kids and lovingly called
Captain Rainbow. When I left teaching due to the disability cancer left
in my left leg due to a spindle cell sarcoma I was honored by being
inducted into the National Teacher Hall of Fame in June of 1997 in
Emporia Kansas. One of the final things I stated in my acceptance speech

"The secret is the heart. If you are centered from the heart you can go
and touch the world! This award takes Captain Rainbow as educator in the
National Teachers Hall of Fame to Dr. Rainbow as minister with children
in Hospitals halls of fear!!!

I am honored to have been not only mentally but also spiritually
connected to John Lehner. He is a true answer to prayer and understands
me the way few do. I believe that God, through his son Christ got his
mom, Our Lady to get St. Therese to somehow get us together. I can't
prove it but I know that's how it happened. I'm a man of fantasy and
tenacity. I have seen so many of my dreams become realities it used to
scar me. Now I had to abandon everything in my survivorship... even let
go of an exemplary 25 silver year educational career with special
education youth in job training and venture into the abyss. The road
less if never traveled and become a trailblazer for my cancer
survivorship and sanity.

Low and behold I never realized there were thousands of others like me
playing blindmans bluff in the shadow of the harvest moon. And trying to
make sense out of this life between CAT SCANS!!!!!!! Three and a half
years later I am finally saying thank you and I am in the midst of the
miracle and miraculously I found all of you. Be careful what you pray
for guys and gals you just might get it!!

All I ask in return is that you all do not stop nagging me to complete
my next mission.. Finish writing the book and going across the street to
the park district lap pool at out local park district health club and
swim even though the leg on the left just follows. It something I need 
to do for the stress and a type of needed exercise in this setintary
life I now lead.. Well that's all folks for now. I hope you enjoy my 10
Rules of the Roses and wonder do you see yourself in a Tournament of

	God Speed John Glen, Dr. Terri Martin, and I love Lucy!!!!

			Your new friend,

			+ Dr. Rainbow + 
Project: ROSEBUDS  
Lawrence J. Baran, Ph D
18303 South California Avenue, Homewood, IL. 60430
708-957-0072  708 - 957-3177    E-mail:

Dr. Baran latest accomplishment is his contribution to the National
Coalition of Cancer Survivors
(NCCS)  “Ribbon of Hope” program: “The Rose of Hope.” He was assisted by
Homewood-Flossmoor High School Special Education student workers this
summer in their Job
Training Partnership Act Grant (JTPA) Program. They assembled and
packaged over 2000 cancer
learning kits with all of the needed supplies and lesson plans and sent
them to teachers
nationwide. Teaming up with future educator Patrick Mogge of the
National Education
Association’s Student Program helped make this national project a
reality. The acronym
ROSEBUDS - renewing opportunities for students in education to build
through devotion and service has been the philosophy in the effort to
instill service learning
across our nation. They are very proud that this efforts  had over
100,000 American students in
classrooms involved! In all 50 states kids made “Roses of Hope” for all
of the cancer survivors
participating in this weekends MARCH activities. Each student
participated in a lesson on cancer
and cancer survivorship. As part of this service project, each student
wrote a message of hope to
cancer survivors and then assembled the rose and ribbon and attached it
to the card. Over
120,000 Roses of Hope were assembled for all of the cancer survivors
from all over America
attending this event.
Special thanks need to be given to:
 teachers in the 1000 classrooms across America
 100,000 students from kindergarten through high school who participated 
50 disability youth at Homewood-Flossmoor H.S. who assembled these kits.
 The NCCS and the NEA Student Program for the partnership in this

Dr. Baran’s paradigm shift is his 3 1/2 year cancer survivorship.
Completing his doctorate during
hospitalizations, cancer left a disability in his left leg ending a
dynamic 25 year teaching career with
national acclaim for his exemplary work with the disabled.  He boasts
being the first cancer
survivor inducted in The National Teacher Hall of Fame 1997, recipient
of the Valley Forge 
Freedoms Foundation, George Washington Honor Medal 1998, the Readers
Digest, American
Hero in Education 1995  and Chicago’s exemplary educational award The
Golden Apple 1995.

 Alias, Doctor Rainbow’s personality is contagious with  humor, fantasy 
and a sensitivity to the
sacred. Larry’s philosophies of  “Life is Good!” and ” The secret is the
heart. When you are
centered from the heart you can go and touch the world!” have been 
reflected in his speeches
titled “I Found an Oreo Cookie in My Box of Life’s Chocolates” “Second
Star to the Right”“ A
Roadmap for A Survivor’s Trip: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Following
the Yellow Brick
Road” and “Is It a Wonderful Life?” for:
 3 of  the MARCH’s Town Hall Meetings in Cincinnati, Houston and
Atlanta(Aug. 29, Sept. 19 &
 University of Chicago Hospitals Triumph Over Cancer Programs 
Northwestern University’s Friends of Cancer Research 
and numerous National Cancer Survivors Day Celebrations 
The following is a reflection I was asked to give at St. Anne's Church ,
Hazel Crest, Il. on the 100th anniversary of St. Therese's death at the
age of only 24.September 30th, 1997

The Little Flower’s Life was a ” Tournament of Roses” for Saint Therese
the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face Sermon / Homily September 30, 1997 

“Let my thoughts, the words of my mouth and the meditations of my
heart be pleasing unto you oh Lord!
Ring around the rosey a pocket full of posey petals - ashes, ashes we
all fall down!   - Unless we become like little children we can not
into the kingdom of God!

The Little Flower’s Life was a ” Tournament of Roses” 
Once upon a time, about 125 years ago there was a woman named
Zelie Guerin who wanted to become a nun and a man named Louis
Martin who wanted to become a priest but that was not what
Providence had planned. She became a  lace maker and he became
a jeweler.  They fell deeply in love and married. They had a very upper
class life with 9 children 7 girls and 2 boys. Four of them died at a
early ageThe 5 surviving daughters all became nuns. When their
youngest child was 4 the mother died of breast cancer and when this
baby, called by her father his “Little Queen” was 21 he died after
several strokes and years of severe memory loss. Their daughter’s
name was Therese Martin. Tonight at 7:20 pm became  the 100th
anniversary of achieving her goal of becoming a SAINT, and
successfully  competing in LIFE’S Tournament of Roses, for she said 
:“My mission - to make God loved -It will begin after my death. I
will spend my heaven doing good on earth. I will let fall a shower
of roses as blessings from God!”
Therese has many descriptors: shy, known to cry and pout often, a
spoiled little rich girl,somewhat of a loner, didn’t like school, was
fun of by her classmates, frivolous in fantasy yet similar to  many
facets of the rainbow. She was tenacious, she loved to get a laugh by
mimicking others especially other nuns. She loved to sing, have fun,
write poetry, paint, she loved animal and even had a dog  named
TOM. But above everything else she loved God with a passion!
Therese was a diamond among glass in God’s Garden ready, willing
and able to be picked when just at the perfect moment of her
readiness to bloom where she was going to be planted. In fact this
is where she received her nick name. At the early teen age of 14 she
took her daddy in the garden and asked his permission to become a
nun, like her sisters. Louis reached down with tears in his eyes and
picked a small white flower, roots and all, and  thought this such a
great honor to give all of his daughters back to God. This little flower
that he plucked  he was now transplanting  his,  Little Flower into
the servant soil of the Convent Carmel. Therese later kept this
flower pressed and saw it break from the stem. She predicted that she
was to die at a very young age. Her tenacity got her dad to take her to
Rome and in an audience with the Pope.  She did not keep silent, no
she knelt at and hugged his knees asking for his permission to enter
the convent. His response, ”If it is God’s will it will happen. Four
later, at the age of 15 she began this tournament. She chose the
name St. Therese of the Child Jesus was from her conversion
experience on her 14th Christmas of no longer giving in to her pouts
and crying and growing up into the responsibilities of a young adult
giving up her last NOEL stocking filled with treats and treasures. She
also loved to view the baby Jesus in the straw and manger in the
nativity scene  especially that Christmas.
Her mother gave her a strong sense of the sacred with devotion to the
Infant of Prague. My mother also taught me this devotion.”The more
you honor Me the more I will bless you.” Therese loved her mother’s
statue of the Infant dressed  as a little king with a gold crown.
always believed in one hand the Infant   held out a little ball. She
to think that at any moment he would toss it to her and she could toss
it back to him, and they would laugh and play In her own words : 
“Is that you Little Jesus, and have you brought your little ball? Since
you are God, I should bring a ball to you. Could I be your little ball?
then you could toss me  wherever you pleased. . Please dear Jesus,
make me into your own little ball, so that sometimes I may rest in your
hands!”. When she was a little older she learned that what He held
was not  a ball after all - but the weight of the entire sin filled 
Could the Little Infant have been her First  Pitching Coach preparing
her for first practicing ball tossing for her eventual rose throwing
ministry from heaven?
But first she needed  a strategy to cope with the tournament of  life
and gain a sort of short-cut entrance to heaven...... know as her
Way”  not extraordinary rather very ordinary and definitely NOT
EASY!!! Tonight let’s  reflect  her Little Way of Therese’s “Rules for
the Rose.” Her short-cut to become a saint!  While on earth you
only throw roses to God !!  They are the little acts of  kindness
that we offer up.  Therese said: “Throwing flowers means offering
you as firstfruits, the least sighs, the deepest woes, my joys and
my sorrows, my little sacrifices, These are my flowers!!!!!”
 The nun washing clothes and water splashing in her face and the
nun’s rosary beads clanging against the pew during vespers.
# 1 - Make God happy ! Look at life from His point of view!  To know
love and serve Him in this world and the next! It’s the secret way to

# 2 - Create a Real  Love for God !
Become Real - She was as human as you and me!  Become faithful,
hopeful and Courageous. Courage is just fear turned to prayer.  Know
that when you are loved on earth you will show love in heaven.

#3 - Become Humble 
 “Learn from Me for I am gentle and Humble of Heart” Humble people
don’t take themselves to seriously! “If you are humble you will be
happy!” :She accepted herself, her flaws and failings, her weakness,
her littleness and nothingness.
“I am just a grain of sand!” 

#4 -  Become a Child of God 
 Accept God’s will for our life’s. Things don’t run smoothly!!!  be you
single, married or religious! Only when we give up our childish ways
do we have a chance of becoming a child of God. She was not saying
become a Peter Pan but be  more like a Wendy. Learn to trust and
obey. Surrender all to God.  Trust  in God always, do not count on
your own understanding, acknowledge Him and He will direct your
#5 - Become  the Suffering Servant 
 In our times of trials and tribulations - be they emotional, physical,
dysfunctional or spiritual - Don’t tell God how miserable we are tell
how happy we are to suffer for Him! Therese claims Christ was happy
to be our redeemer! “Suffering either  propels us inward to our
misery or outward to cling to God!” “
Accepting suffering is harmony with God ”  In the end of her life She
had 14 months of darkness of an arid prayer life and then she wasted
away from Tuberculosis and spat up blood  constantly all with joy in
her heart. She claims our gift from God will be PEACE - that passes
all understanding! She never pretended it was easy! Therese saw the
hidden beauty of long suffering in the beauty of the hidden face of
Christ the Man of Sorrow the True suffering Servant! She saw to
imitate Jesus was her rose of  sharing in the mystery of
redemptive suffering.We don’t want to suffer but Roses are graces
from God teaching us redemptive suffering. Because of this she
added the name St. Therese of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face.
 She had experienced both ends of the rainbow. Being oh so human
and becoming a child of God.  Look over to Therese, Look what she
has been holding all evening, hidden in  the roses  the cross.. its been
there all the time .. it was even here on the world held by the infant’s
ball - the world and yes it leads us to the Cross. The cross she is
holding with our crucified Lord. 

# 6 Always keep your eyes upon the cross!!!!!!!! Therese has always
had her eyes upon the cross, from the cross upon the world held by
the infant Jesus to the crucifix she held her entire life of her “LITTLE

At the end of the Tournament of Roses one would always receive a
laurel of roses for victory. Here is the laurel of roses for Therese for
achieving her goal of showering the world with roses as blessings.
Therese  the saint of modern times, is proclaiming our new world
order...showering  roses..... from the heart and compassion of Jesus
all grown up Transfigured, Crucified , Resurrected, and full of infinite
compassion surrounded by a  sacred and merciful heart.. surrounded
by thorns .. maybe, yes maybe,  Rose thorns made up from all of our
sins, faults, shortcomings and transgressions.  But it is out of Jesus’s
crown of thorns  that our rose doth bloom... our lives or hopes our
sorrows our frailties our illnesses, our disorders, our divorces, even
our disabilities and cancers and coping with our ultimate mortality. Our
roses all waiting to bloom to fruition. St. Therese thank you for
your gift and ministry with us during the twentieth  century .. let us
imitate you from this day forward as we enter into the third
You loved the child Jesus but  you grew by imitating Christ. If we all
look at your image you taught us the secret of the rose is the secret of
the heart. If you are centered from the heart you can go and touch the
world!! you placed roses so lovingly, yes look , so lovingly Roses
around the Heart,  around the crucified heart of Jesus. and he in turn 
up in heaven they are placed through His fingers  but I bet that His
mother our blessed mother helped to pick them from the garden laurel
of her Immaculate Heart and hands them to His Sacred and Merciful
HEART of her son, who then hands them to your hands and 
showering theses roses as blessings from heaven upon us so we can
all become little saints too!!!

Thank you for helping my disability children falilitate over 3 million
white and blue roses to the Armed Services and Veterans!

And now with Children and Adults with cancer .. children at Wylers
and Children Memorial are making them for Adults with cancer... the
Card with roses...
Karen the Social worker... the kitchen  .. the kids with cancer the
chemo machine the parents , the syblings, , Tiffany, Annie, Cathleen,
Jose, Karen and Therese!!!!!! The national rose for cancer!

And now listen to Therese speak to us from a place where love
never ends!!!Listen to her now speak from heaven - “Well, the little
child will strew flowers. ...I have no other means of proving my love
you.... I desire to suffer for love and even rejoice through love;  and
this way I shall strew flowers before your throne. I shall not come upon
one without unpetalling it for you. While I  am strewing my flowers I
sing...even when I gather my flowers in the midst of thorns, and my
song will be all the more melodious in proportion to the length and
sharpness of the thorns.
O Jesus what  use will my flowers be to you? Ah! I know very well that
this fragrant shower, these fragile,, worthless petals, these songs of
love from the littlest of hearts will charm you. Yes, these nothings
please You. They will bring a smile to the Church Triumphant. She will
gather up my flowers unpetalled through love and have them pass
through Your own divine hands, O Jesus. And the Church in heaven,
which are now infinitely valuable because of your divine touch, upon
the Church Suffering  in order to extinguish its flames and upon the
church Militant in order to gain the victory for it!

My personal Rose Stories:
During WWI when France was all but conquered, the soldiers prayed
to her. She came to them in the front trenches and on the battlefields.
Many of them saw her there, in her Carmelite robe, as the shells burst
through the night. She stood at the side of the wounded and the dying,
and she comforted them. But she came not to the French soldiers
alone. Many an American soldier was sure that he owed his life to her.

1. Flags in the Desert
 delivering rose kits all over kingdom come...
 4th grade teacher from my prayer group was hustled into helping....
and a dear friend..... Maureen Mulkernin
In her condo parking garage exchanging boxes of roses.
She told me if I new about St. Therese blessing the troops with these
roses.. I retorted, Maureen don’t give me any of that Catholic Trivial
Pursuit Stuff about the saints... I then said, “ This boutonniere has
represented God  & Country to me ... the three roses the trinity and the
flag country!!!! She responded , “Will you let me explain?” “St.
Therese ,the little flower’s mission and ministry  after her death was
shower the earth with roses as blessings from Christ!” I was
That January a women named Helen Grahm from St. Mary’s Kansas
called me to say thank you for her husband a Captain in the Air Force
received one and sent it home as his Christmas present. She offered
the services of the people of Kansas to help make 25,000 of these
wonderful boutonnieres. I then was inspired to witness to her about St.
Therese. I asked if she happened to be catholic and she said yes I
then explained about  the blessing of roses from heaven. And how God
was protecting our troops with these roses. I’ll never forget her return
phone call several days later.. Helen wanted me to know she received
a belated Christmas card.. enclosed in the card was a prayer card of
St threse with the prayer and story of the roses as blessings. 
No one can convince me what those special education kids did wasn’t
part of a higher calling to do 
God’s work on earth. I believe that each and every man and women in
the US Armed Services received three blessings as roses Red, White
and Blue,!!!1
At the end of two of her books an Therese they tell of soldier of WWII
Frenchmen praying for her intercession and many spottings of her
ministering to the wounded and dying in the battle fields and especially
the American soldiers saw her too!! That gives me such

Lawrence J. Baran, Ph.D.

Consultant  and Public Speaker for:
Educational Leadership and Entrepreneurship 
Special Education/Vocational Education
Partnerships in Patriotism
Cancer Survivorship 
Programs for Youth with Disabilities & Special Medical Needs

 National Awards:
National Teachers Hall of Fame:97
George Washington Honor Medal:97
American Hero in Education:95 
Golden Apple:95

Phone and Fax 708 957 - 0072
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