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Re: [MOL] How does this thing work?????? Who get the message and how does one acess this MOL?

LarryBaran wrote:
> I just joined this group but do not understand how one gets messages.
> Does everyone get this message and decide if one wants to reply???

Yep! everyone gets it, and everyone online has access to it. It will
also go into the Mol archives, which are open to anyone who goes to that
page. If you didn't get your message it may be that since you are new,
they haven't got you on yet. All the best, Joicy

> I sent a very lengthy E mail to all of you. Who reads or access to it.
> The home page etc. dosen't explain the process. I guess tomorrow some of
> you will respond. Why didn't I get my message if I sent it to the MOL
> address???
> A very confused Doc. Rainbow
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