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Re: [MOL] dad's results/Cantron Sites

Cathy, I think your strategy is a good one -- many of us react initially
to difficult news with anger and denial first, and just have to work it
through. Your folks are very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.
You and your family are in my prayers. Love, Joicy wrote:
> Lil:
> Yes I have checked SRS.  In fact, they have all of my dad's records, including
> films at Staten Island University Hospital.  I explored this when my dad
> started his last chemotherapy drug.  I told them to hold on to his records and
> that if we needed to set up a consultation, I would call and we'd be ready.  I
> spoke to my parents about this already.  Right now they are so overwhelmed
> they don't know what to do.  My Dad has lost faith in all doctors and he feels
> that are just in it for the money.  My Mom actually said last night "what good
> is life anyway, it causes so much heartache".  My response was, "yes it does,
> but it also brings lots of joys too - let's not forget them".  I think I need
> to just give them a breather through the weekend and then I will begin to
> pursue the alternatives with them.  Hopefully they will begin to realize that
> the fight is not over just because one doctor says HE doesn't know what to do.
> The doctor is not God.  Sorry for rambling, but these days, this forum is the
> only positive reinforcement I'm getting.
> Love, Cathy.
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