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Re: [MOL] dad's results/Cantron Sites

Yes I have checked SRS.  In fact, they have all of my dad's records, including
films at Staten Island University Hospital.  I explored this when my dad
started his last chemotherapy drug.  I told them to hold on to his records and
that if we needed to set up a consultation, I would call and we'd be ready.  I
spoke to my parents about this already.  Right now they are so overwhelmed
they don't know what to do.  My Dad has lost faith in all doctors and he feels
that are just in it for the money.  My Mom actually said last night "what good
is life anyway, it causes so much heartache".  My response was, "yes it does,
but it also brings lots of joys too - let's not forget them".  I think I need
to just give them a breather through the weekend and then I will begin to
pursue the alternatives with them.  Hopefully they will begin to realize that
the fight is not over just because one doctor says HE doesn't know what to do.
The doctor is not God.  Sorry for rambling, but these days, this forum is the
only positive reinforcement I'm getting.
Love, Cathy.
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