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Re: [MOL] re canadians/accents

Title: RE: [MOL] re canadians/accents
Kathy, I call it a couch, my mother and her generation called it a davenport.
We have a lot of little sayings.  Do you know what a clam fritter is?
And a purse is a pocketbook.  I lived on the south shore of Massachusetts. I grew up in Braintree.  But if you live in
Boston you live in the North End if you are Italian, the South End (Southie) if you are Irish. I went to Northeastern University in Boston.  I have lived on the West Coast since 1977 and I still have an accent.
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Subject: RE: [MOL] re canadians/accents

Gail:  I'd never heard that -- tonic for soda pop.  What do you call sofas?  -- Kathy in Boise