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Re: [MOL]Carla

Thank you Carla.  cyber communiction has it's draw backs.  Cyber hugs are
in no way quite the same as real hugs.  Were you here, I would hug you for
a very long time.

At 10:34 PM 10/27/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Suzanne... you just keep hanging in there my friend... You are going to do
>just fine, so shed the stress for now and bring back that beautiful
>smile...  I read something from a book on my flight down here to Lil's.. 
>It said that to truly learn how to live; you need to get up each morning as
>if death were on your shoulder.  Now at first I didn't understand that, but
>the more I thought about it.. the more I did.. 
>If you spend each day living life the best way that you can.. then you have
>truly lived that day to its fullest.  That is just one of the blessings
>that we all have in common.. We have all learned to live as if death were
>on our shoulders and so we are learning to make the most of each day...  We
>can't go backwards and relive (change) anything that we did yesterday...
>for it is done.  We have no guarantees that we will have tomorrow to its
> one does..   So this is the one minute that we can fully
>live, and once we realize that...we are truly living life to its fullest...
>God Bless you my friend... Hugs to you.. Carla

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