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[MOL] Welcome to Dr. Rainbow

LarryBaran wrote:
> John wrote:
> >
> > Larry...just an exchange with some friends on mol-cancer...thought you
> > might like to easedrop and take a peek.
> > John

> John, Your like the Holy Spirit you just keep being a quiet inspiration
> to me. I was very moved from the things you have written and shared. I
> am ready to share on MOL. How do I introduce myself and how do I get on
> board to not only share but benefit from those who also are on this
> journey.
> Peace of Christ
> Larry

Dear Family,

I hope that you extend a warm welcome to a dear friend of mine, Dr. Larry 
Baran who is a career educator, developed cancer in the leg and has been 
disabled from the love of his life...disabled but certainly not out of 
the running.  He initiated "Project Rosebud" for The March on Washington 
where over 1,000 schools participated in teaching children about cancer 
while putting together yellow rosebuds that were distributed to March 
participants as a symbol of hope.  His dedication, message of faith and 
hope are indeed his signature in life.  He has spoken before several 
groups and is know as "Dr. Rainbow" to the children at Chicago's 
Children's Hospital were he does volunteer work.  

I look forward to your getting to know Larry as I have had the pleasure 
to be in his company and experience how much he has to offer.  I feel 
like Johnie Carson or Ed McMann introducing a guest..."and now, heeeeers' 

God Bless.
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