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Re: [MOL] Hey John

Hi there PJ,

Sorry about the JP but I guess I thought I was writing to 
see, my name is John Patrick (JP for short)!!!  I can readily relate to 
the "New York" label.  I just returned from 10 years in Boston back in 
'94 and still suffer from wiplash.  I was laughed at while in Beantown 
every time I asked for a cup of "corfie" and just got in the habit of 
saying "caafee" when I found myself back in New "Yaak".  Now, I'm still 
accused of being a "Borstonian" because of the way I say "Baaston".  Go 

I really do enjoy the numerous accents that exist in a metropolitan city 
like New York or Chicago or Boston or LA.  Being in Biomedical Research, 
I also get the internationl variety ranging from Israeli through Indian 
around British (tripping on Australian) over Russian to Chinese.  You 
see, my father used to say that my problem was English is my second 
language...I have no mother tong!

God Bless.

ps: Hey it true that Aussies talk so funny because the brain has 
been effected by the toilet bowles flushing the oppisite way??  ;+) wrote:
> First I had to laugh at your response to my Accents & Far Away Places
> You typed JP instead of PJ and it's funny cause every time I type PJ I always
> first type JP.  Anyway, it's funny for me.
> SOOOOO your question was where in NY?  I actually live on Long Island which
> reminds me that whenever is say it its comes out Lonnnnggg Ireland.  I hope
> you know what I mean.  But what is really funny when I watch the news I always
> see someone who has a really heavy New YAWK accent and I say boy I hope I
> don't sound like that and the hubby says "no you don't you YAWK it alot better
> than she did".  I laugh and laugh.
> Thanks for the giggle my cheeks needed to get pumped.
> Love, Hugs, Kisses
> PJ
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