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[MOL] Keeping in Touch

Hi All,
	I am way behind in my mail.  I have company from Texas visiting so that's
just keeping me jumping.  Last night I went to my daughters Breast Cancer
Group with her.  It was a good meeting for her.  The group was more
talkative & Karla opened up a bit more & talked about some issues she is
dealing with.  Several of the women talked to her about Tamoxifen.  She sees
her oncologist Monday & I think she's decided to go on the Tamoxifen.  I am
really impressed with the Breast Cancer Group here at Kaiser.  We are in San
Diego, Calif. & I don't know if there is this same kind of support groups
everywhere or not but we have found it to be impressive.  We are running in
the "Race for the Cure" here on 11/8 so looking forward to that (let me
rephrase that, I'm "walking" in the race!!)
	Gotta' get busy kids just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you 'cause
it ain't so!!  Sending along a thought for you today.  Hope you like it.


The Secret To A Full Life

The secret to a full
life is to live and
relate to others
as if they might
not be there

It eliminates
the vice of
the sin of
and failed

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