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RE: [MOL] Wendy - Lung Cancer

Title: RE: [MOL] Wendy - Lung Cancer

Wendy:  I can't help you locate a treatment center, because I'm clear out here in Boise, Idaho, but I CAN give you some encouragement.  I can't remember if I've communicated with you previously, but I don't want you to lose hope.  I had a very aggressive type of lung cancer -- small cell, inoperable.  I went through seven months of heavy chemotherapy and six weeks of daily radiation -- last treatment in late May of this year.  According to my oncologist, I am in complete remission right now -- the tumor is gone.  If I can remain in remission for two years, they will consider me completely cured!  When I started my treatment, the doctor gave me a 35% chance of surviving for a year.  I didn't ask her for this prognosis -- my husband did.  I didn't really want to know.  It devastated me for a time, but after while it became obvious that I was doing much better than expected!  People do recover -- all the time!  Don't give up hope.  -- Kathy in Boise