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[MOL] Aussie speak (more)

C (there are heaps of C words!)
Clean as a nun's bum/ clean as a whistle; extremely clean, tidy, neat (not
me! lol)
clear off ; get lost, go away, depart
clear the air; remove tension, anxiety, resove misunderstandings, etc.
clip; the amount of wool shorn in a season from sheep
clip on the ear; sharp hit on the head 
clouds on the horizon; trouble or problems on the way
cock and bull; load of rubbish; unbelievable story eg. 'he gave me some
cock and bull story about where he was last night'
cocky; cockroach or cockatoo or a farmer or brash/cheeky/conceited/self
codger; fellow/chap or mean, miserly person, or odd, eccentric peculiar
cods; testicles, balls, scrotum
coffin-nail; cigarette
coldie; cold glass, bottle or can of beer
comeuppance; getting the punishment one deserves.
compassionate as a starving shark; having no pity
cop it/cop a blast/cop a serve; get into big trouble for something
cop a load; contract venereal disease
cop a load of that! have a look eg. cop a load of the boobs on that sheila
(sorry girls!)
cop it rough; suffer unfairly
cop it sweet; get a good deal or tolerate something with patience or accept
with grace the consequences of one's foolish actions.
Stay tuned for the next installment,
Love Mam

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