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[MOL] Benefit for Lisa's boys/Update on the Roses

Ok Lil,
Here is the info. on the benefit night that was held in honour of Lisa and
to raise money to help her parents bring up the boys. There were around 300
people in attendance on the night, many family members and friends who we
had not known were coming. There was also a piece in the local paper about
it which attracted quite a bit of attention from business people. There was
entertainment by an aussie band from the Henry Lawson Club (where it was
held), an auction, the auctioneer read the article in the paper, rang up
and offered his professional services for free. One of Lisa's old
neighbours bought 4 items (over $1.000.) at the auction, then donated three
of them back immediately, to be auctioned again! Raffles were run during
the course of the night, and the dinner was very nice. They had a large
glass bowl, with plastic 'raffle tickets' on the bowl was the message 'Buy
Lisa a Drink' for every dollar, you got a raffle ticket for a cruise on
Sydney Harbour. It was very popular. It was a lovely night, yet very
difficult. It was just the kind of thing that Lise would have loved, and I
kept expecting her to 'turn up'! Still, a dear friend mentioned that
perhaps it would give some closure, and I think she may be right. These
things take time, I know. To end on an up note, the night raised over
$17.000 (shhh. Wayne's parents don't know yet, it is a surprise) which will
be presented to Peter and Margaret at a special B.B.Q, organised for them
and the boys. I think it is this weekend. Peter gave a short speech to
thank everyone at the end of the night, which was warm, and honest. It is
very difficult for them, one minute getting ready for retirement, the next,
bringing up three of their grandchildren. They are managing pretty well
though, it is amazing what people can do when they have to. The boys are
coping remarkably well, we are seeing some behaviour problems with the two
younger ones, but that is to be expected. Anyway, that is our update. Take
care of you all,
Love Mam
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