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Re: [MOL] Lung Cancer

Hi Wendy, welcome to our wonderful forum.  You can call the NCI @
1-800-4-cancer and they will be able to give you the names of the top
oncologist in NYC.  Also Sloan-kettering is one of the top hospitals and
fellow Molers have used this hospital and been very pleased.  We have quite
a few of lung cancer survivors here on line, and many who are just starting
the journey; so I am sure by tomorrow you will have receieved quite a few
e-mails from fellow Molers.  Some are even in your area.  If we may be of
further help to you or you just want to chat with the best of the best of
folks, or you want to rant and rave, we are here for you and your
father-in-law.  Your friend, lillian

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