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Re: [MOL] dad's results

Hi Cathy,

I am so sorry to read about our dad's prognosis!!!
Don't give up hope, OK? My dad
has primary liver cancer and we are doing
everything that we can to find alternative
therapies for him besides his chemo treatments.

I found a VERY interesting alternative therapy on
the internet. It is called Essiac Tea.
Please do a search and read the info available
which happens to be quite alot. We started
my dad on it last Saturday and he was feeling much
better after only a week out of the
hospital (chemo 7 days/24hrs.per day).

Let me know if you need any other info on this
subject. I know of two other people who
are on it and have found it to be very good for

There are many other herbal treatments available
which you may be interested in. Check
out your local health food store, I am sure that
they can help you. They may have additional
information on the Essiac Tea.

Good luck,
We are all praying for your dad,

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