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[MOL] Stage IV cancer and his positive results

Dear Anna,
there is a new url. from Biological Medical Corp, they are specialists
in cancer research. . There
is no question that Agaricus mushrooms will help your condition.
However, our research has demonstrated that your chances of obtaining a
complete recovery can be further enhanced by incorporating several
therapies from natural biologic medicine. These therapies incorporate
biologic response modifiers like the agaricus mushroom; but also include

extracts from the aloe vera plant, the poly-peptides from whey protein
isolates and prostaglandin precursors found in certain seed oils. This
regimen can be further enhanced through a nutritional bio-therapy
program program based on whole food supplements and ozone hydrotherapy.
Finally we can supply a cancer cell specific, non-toxic,
chemotherapeutic agent that disrupts only the metabolism of cancer
cells. There are no side effects. This type of program can be
administered at home with the purchase of several home therapy
appliances.  These can also be done in conjunction with conventional
cancer therapy.

We also have developed several very powerful therapies that can only be
administered  under the supervision of a physician. These therapies are
generally given as IV drips and create a very powerful immune response
against cancer cells. The protocol is known as cytokine therapy and
involves the natural release and stimulation of immune factors such as
natural killer cells, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin 2, and
interferon. These combine in a synergistic fashion to bring about the
destruction of abnormal and malignant tissue.

Our most powerful therapy is known as whole body hyperthermia. In this
therapy we elevate the body temperature to 108.5 F (42.5 C).  At these
temperatures, we can destroy many of the cell membrane walls surrounding

the cancer cells and expose the interior to digestion by the
macrophages. It is a direct attack on the existing tumors.  This gives
the body an opportunity to overcome and arrest the growth of the
cancer.  We refer to that as resetting the biologic time clock.

Our clinic for the cytokine therapy is in Dallas TX and the hospital
where we perform the whole body hyperthermia is in Mexico City. I would
be happy to have further discussions with you. An in depth consultation
on the appropriate therapy can be provided based on your medical

Take also a look into our url:


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