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[MOL] Hey John

First I had to laugh at your response to my Accents & Far Away Places
You typed JP instead of PJ and it's funny cause every time I type PJ I always
first type JP.  Anyway, it's funny for me. 
SOOOOO your question was where in NY?  I actually live on Long Island which
reminds me that whenever is say it its comes out Lonnnnggg Ireland.  I hope
you know what I mean.  But what is really funny when I watch the news I always
see someone who has a really heavy New YAWK accent and I say boy I hope I
don't sound like that and the hubby says "no you don't you YAWK it alot better
than she did".  I laugh and laugh.
Thanks for the giggle my cheeks needed to get pumped.
Love, Hugs, Kisses
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