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Re: [MOL] John (A Message Sent to Gail)

PJ...Thank. I loved it and I'm sure that Gail will too.  God Bless
John wrote:
> I wanted to thank you for letting us know about Gail.  I came across this poem
> while I was looking at the computer and I quess it was meant for Gail.  But I
> want to send it to all of you too.
> Love, Hugs, Kisses
> PJ
> Talk to Him
> Talk to Him, soon as you open your eyes,
> Thank Him for every new day,
> Tell Him you love Him, throughout every hour,
> Don't be too busy to pray.
> Tell Him good night, when you lie down to sleep,
> Ask His forgiveness if there
> Is something you feel that you shouldn't have done,
> Go to Him often in prayer.
> Talk to Him, make Him a part of your life,
> Include Him in all that you do,
> He knows the heartaches you've learned how to hide,
> The things you are going through.
> He knows all your questions, but better than that,
> He has the solutions, too...
> So talk to the Lord, and know in your heart,
> ...He's waiting to talk to you!
> Written by: Grace E. Easley
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