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Re: [MOL] Accents & Far Away Places

JP...where in New York?  Mine is definitely Brooklyn.  Did you know there 
is a world of difference between Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx...notice 
poor Staten Island was always GU (Geographically Undesireable!).
John wrote:
> Okay I had to jump on the Accent Wagon.
> In 1992 my hubby and I visited the beautiful state of Hawaii.  When I checked
> in to the most beautiful Hotel I had ever been too "Kea Lani" in Maui, the
> nice gentlemen said "YOU MUST BE FROM NEW YORK".  I said wow how the heck did
> you know that he said "Easy when you gave me your address and you said NEW
> YAWK".  He said I sounded like a real New YAWKER......:):):):).
> It didn't stop there either.  On the way home we spent a few days in Las Vegas
> and the same thing happened all over.  A few black jack dealers commented on
> much of a NEW YAWK accent I had.
> Love, Hugs, Kisses
> PJ
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