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Hello, another westerner, Gail, Lovely! Jeanne
At 08:55 AM 10/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Gail!  You live in Clackamas, Oregon?!!! I lived in Lake Oswego for 15 years
>and my daughter has lived in Clackamas for about 15 years herself -- right
>on the Clackamas River.  I miss it sometimes.  It's beautiful there.  --
>Kathy in Boise
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>> Sent:	Saturday, October 24, 1998 3:39 PM
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>> Subject:	Re: [MOL] LILLIAN, Where are you?????
>> Dear Lewis,
>> I wouldn't mind at all as long as you have the patience to wait for me to
>> finish it.
>> my snail mail address is Gail Estes
>>                                     14952 SE 122nd Ave
>>                                     Clackamas, Oregon 97015
>> I am presently working with my colon list work group  setting up a colon
>> cancer advocacy group similar to Breast cancer and prostate to get more
>> funding and to eliminate the embarrassment of patients seeking medical
>> help when they have early symptoms.  Also to inform the public of the
>> early symptoms of colon cancer.
>> I am glad that you are here and are working on this.
>> Gail Estes
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>>     Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998 2:18 PM
>>     Subject: Re: [MOL] LILLIAN, Where are you?????
>>     Dear Gail, 
>>     Thanks for your letter.  I'm seeking information from anyone who is a
>> cancer survivor.  I'd appreciate information from anyone else on the list.
>> I'm really interesting in grasping why some people get well and others
>> don't.  It seems so mysterious to me.  Though I believe prayer is one
>> common factor along with attitude and imagery and many other things that I
>> don't understand yet.  Would you be interested in filling out one of my
>> longer research questionnaires?  If yes, send me your snail mail address.
>> If no, thanks for thinking about it. 
>>     My background:  family practice, geriatrics, emergency medicine,
>> psychiatry.  Overschooled and probably overtrained.  See my web site for
>> my CV.  You can get it off
>> http://hometown.aol.com/mmadrona/mehl-madrona.htm.  I seem to be working
>> with lots of cancer patients in my new job and am doing research with the
>> Pittsburgh Cancer Institute on effect of guided imagery on natural killer
>> cells with colon cancer patients. 
>>     Yours, 
>>     Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD 
>>     Medical Director 
>>     Center for Complementary Medicine 
>>     University of PIttsburgh Medical Center 
>>     gail.estes wrote: 
>>          Dear Lewis, .This is quite long and if you want to cut through
>> it, please do. What I did after my surgery is closer to the bottom.I am
>> just curious about your credentials.  This has nothing to do with my
>> answer to you I am just nosy LOL.In 1992 I had a laproscopic
>> cholecystectomy.  I had had symptoms since 1974.  I was told it was
>> stress.  When they removed my gall bladder, I had 20+ stones.In 1993, I
>> had a hysterectomy.  Sometime in 93, I started having rectal bleeding.  I
>> had always had abdominal pain and cramping and rectal spasms.  I was told
>> that I had irritable bowel syndrome.  When the bleeding continued after
>> about a week, I went to my doctor,  She sent me to a gastro enterologist
>> who did a flex- sig that day which he said was normal and scheduled me for
>> an air contrast BE.The BE was also normal.  I continued to have symptoms
>> and I continued to see my doctor.  At the time, I worked in a clinic (a
>> very well known research clinic in San Diego, Ca. ) If I was feeling
>> really bad, I would run upstairs to see the doctor and she would talk to
>> me and recommend meds, etc.   When I was really feeling bad I made an
>> appointment and she examined me and said that I had a really bad case of
>> IBS which was flaring up because I was in the process of selling my home
>> and moving(my husband had already moved up to Oregon). So I was under a
>> lot of stress.   What else is new!I believed her.  I guess I have a very
>> high tolerance for pain and for pain meds. I can take a lot and still work
>> and not look ill.  anyway, I moved to Oregon in November and in February,
>> I was rushed to the hospital with a complete bowel obstruction.  I had
>> seen a doctor up here and she also said that I had IBS and could not do
>> anything for me and gave me pain pills.  The pills did not help and my
>> husband took me to the ER when I started to vomit stool.I was diagnosed
>> with stage IV poorly differentiated adenocarinoma with infiltration
>> through  the full bowel wall and mesenteric fat with implanting to the
>> omentum and the peritoneum.  I in 14 nodes were positive.  I had a
>> temporary colostomy to let my colon rest. Six months later they did a take
>> down and could not find any evidence of the metastasis.My treatment was
>> 5FU and leucovorin for 12 months 1 week out of 4.   My surgeon did not
>> recommend chemo,  he thought that I would have a better quality of life
>> without it.  I was determined to have it anyway and wanted it that day,
>> but I had to wait three weeks until I recovered from my surgery.     I
>> decided then that I was going to be in charge of my recovery not them.  My
>> older sister and I did this together,  I told them that I needed to know
>> everything that they knew.  I needed to know what the size of the tumors
>> where; where they were, what they looked like and how they would move.  I
>> went to Boston for a second opinion on my TX plan.  they concurred with my
>> oncologist.    After I started Chemo, I consulted a psychologist to help
>> me through the chemo.  He taught me self relaxation and self hypnosis and
>> visual imagery.  I did this about 2 -3 times a day and while I was having
>> chemo and any exams.  During my office visits, he would hypnotize me and
>> then record the session so that I could listen at home.During visual
>> imagery,  I saw the cancer as rotten red tomatoes(now don't laugh! it
>> worked for me!) I saw a white beam of light coming into my body and
>> vacuuming or sucking out the tumors.   Other times, I would picture little
>> toy soldiers marching throughout my body and attacking any cancer cells
>> then someone, probably me would turn a hose on the cells and wash them
>> away.  I also would stand in the shower and visualize the cancer being
>> washed out of my body.I also used prayer.  A lot of prayer from family and
>> friends and from my sister's Bishop in Conn.  and a friends brother who is
>> a priest and myself..   I also made a trip to New Mexico to a shrine
>> called Chymaya.  It's south of Taos.  My sister had read about this in the
>> Liquorien, a catholic magazine.  They called it the Lourdes of America.
>> She wanted me to go, so I went with her. I was angry for quite a while and
>> even consulted a lawyer about a suit but I decide that it would take up
>> too much energy and I need all my energy to survive and fight the cancer.I
>> gave up all my anger.  Which was a remarkable thing.  I gained a lot of
>> piece when I let the anger go.  I wanted to get rid of any thing toxic in
>> my system and anger is the worst!So I forgave the doctors everyone that I
>> ever saw and I forgave myself.I was not upset about the colostomy because
>> I was so glad that they saved my life.  They did not think that I would
>> make it throughout the surgery.I laughed a lot.  My husband did also.  I
>> am sure that everyone thought we were really nuts.  But if you can't laugh
>> you can't live!I did not do any kind of special diet.  I limit my intake
>> of red meat to almost nothing maybe a bite or two if my husband is having
>> steak.I took vitamin E 1000 units and a multivitamin. I did not lose any
>> weight, in fact, I gained a lot.  My oncologist said that my body must
>> really like chemo. I have just recently joined weight watchers to get this
>> fat off of me.I also craved Diary Queens!!!!  I think it was because they
>> killed the taste of the chemo.I tried to exercise,  walk mainly even if I
>> was too tired.I bought a lot of plane tickets to visit my daughter in
>> Vermont and my son in Hawaii and my sister in San Diego.I am not sure just
>> what made it go into remission.  But when I started out, I couldn't see
>> any reason why I couldn't be in the 20% survival group. So that is my
>> story,  I am sorry to have made it so long.Gail Estes 
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>>             From: Lewis Mehl-Madrona <coyotemd@earthlink.net> 
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>>             Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 9:23 AM 
>>             Subject: Re: [MOL] LILLIAN, Where are you?????Dear Gail, 
>>             I would very much like to hear what you did to survive the
>> cancer.  I am very interested in people's stories and what they believe
>> helped. 
>>             I would appreciate your telling me your story. 
>>             Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD 
>>             Center for Complementary Medicine 
>>             University of PIttsburgh Medical Center 
>>             gail.estes wrote: 
>>                  Rebecca, I am a stage iv colon cancer survivor.  I have
>> been cancer free form over three years.  When you go back to see this
>> doctor, tell him you need him to be open and honest and write everything
>> down because it doesn't always sink in until later.   My doctors would not
>> give me any statistics either but now I am glad, they are merely numbers
>> and numbers don't mean much.  Tell your Dad to keep positive thoughts and
>> to pray! It works.Gail Estes 
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>>                     Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 3:19 PM 
>>                     Subject: RE: [MOL] LILLIAN, Where are you?????Rebecca:
>> How uninformative is your father's doctor?  This isn't good -- the doctor
>> should be willing to answer any and all questions.  How old is your
>> father?  It wouldn't be a bad idea to put on a little weight before the
>> chemo treatments start, because it'll probably come off fairly quickly.  I
>> don't have colon cancer, but there are several people in this forum who
>> do.  I  have, however, been through chemotherapy and radiation, and will
>> be glad to help you and your father in any way I can.  I am a small cell
>> lung cancer survivor -- last treatment five months ago and prognosis
>> pretty good.  -- Kathy in Boise 
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>>                         Subject:        Re: [MOL] LILLIAN, Where are
>> you????? 
>>                         hi i am looking for information on colon cancer.
>> my father had a tumor in 
>>                         his rectum and they said it was fine that it had
>> spread.  then they got the 
>>                         pathology back and surprise it was in  of eight
>> lymph nodes removed. now he 
>>                         has a colostomy (hard for him) and they said chemo
>> and radiation. is there 
>>                         anything else.  he is a small man -5-8 180 at his
>> heaviest. would gaining 
>>                         weight b/4 the chemo help??/ any advise or
>> resources would be helpful. 
>>                         anyone got any info on rates(death, reoccurance
>> etc) and any help on how 
>>                         non informative his doctor is?????? 
>>                         rebecca 
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