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[MOL] Re: Prayer Request.....10/28/98

Dear Family,

I received this message this afternoon from Gail who used to belong to 
mol-cancer.  She left Mol to devote her attention to a prayer group net 
that she formed.  She and I have stayed in touch and many here have been 
prayed for as I have asked her from time to time to offer prayers for 
molers awaiting test results or undergoing treatments.  She is a 
wonderful and spiritual person who is now facing the dread of cancer once 
again.  Please send her some supporting messages as she has done for us 
so many times on her prayer net.  Her e-mail is 


Thank you and God Bless.

Gail Cunningham wrote:
> Dear PC Members,
> I must apologize for my absence over the last few months.  Between
> computer problems, which I am still having, to a degree, and other
> things, my life has been hectic.
> This request is for me.  I had a freckle biopsied last week and it
> appears it is malignant.  It also appears it is the worse kind of skin
> cancer one can have as it can spread. if not caught.  I am scheduled for
> a "section" this coming Tuesday, November 3.  I am terrified, as I am
> already a cancer survivor.  I know I need to put this all in God's
> hands, and I am trying, but I am scared....really scared for some
> reason.
> Please pray for a successful surgical procedure with no other
> complications.   Please pray for peace and comfort, peace of mind, and
> everything else you can think of.
> I appreciate it very much.
> God Bless,
> Gail
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