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[MOL] A Poem for Dee's Dad

Dear Dee Please forward this to your dad for me.
Love PJ

Dear Mr. Wright.

Just thinking of you today.  I found this lovely poem to help you along the
way to feeling healthier and happier each day.
May God Bless You Always.


Another day is dawning,
Another day’s begun,
Another day to turn to God
And pray, “Thy Will be done.”
A day to slay doubt’s dragons.
To know within your soul
That as you give yourself to Him,
He’ll bless and make you whole.
A day to live with purpose,
A day to show you care
When others turn to you distraught,
Confused, or in despair.
A day to share god’s blessings
In quiet, countless ways,
That touch the heart with hope and joy,
And brighten cloudy days.
A day for sweet rejoicing,
For gratitude and praise
Because His love enfolds you,
Both now, and all your days.

Written by Vi B. Chevalier

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